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We can change the life of those who have no hope

Upkar samiti is an Indian NGO working to improve the lives of disadvantaged women , their families and communities through an approach that puts women at the centre of community development. Since 1996, we have been working with Development Commissioner (Handicraft) Cluster Section to help women access their rights to proper healthcare, basic education, and healthy environment, protection from abuse and exploitation and participation in decisions that affect their lives. Upkar samiti currently works in 3 states in India, across 10 communities and has touched the lives of over a Thousand of women.

our Mission

UPKAR SAMITI is an NGO which deals in helping the women.NGOs India is committed to social justice, sustainable development and human rights.


UPKAR SAMITI mainly focus on women and girls to enable them to realise their rigths, avail resources and opportunities, fight social injustice, develop leadership capabilities and build a better future for themselves
Our Programme

Women and girls from the most marginalised communities are empowered, live in dignity and their households have secure and resilient lives.


Setting high standards of performance for self and/or others; assuming responsibility and accountability for successfully completing assignments or tasks; self-imposing standards of excellence; ensuring interactions and transactions are ethical and convey integrity. 

Successful stories

We have given so many of the work to the unemployed women and we have run so many of the campaigns to help women.

About Us

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